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K-2 News

Upcoming Events

  • Eclipse Day: April 8th from 11 am to 3 pm

  • Kinder-Round-Up: April 16th at 5 pm

  • NWEA Testing

    • 2nd grade: April 16th and 17th 

    • 1st grade: April 18th and 23rd

    • Kindergarten: April 24th and 25th

  • Testing Incentive Party: May 3rd

  • Kindergarten Promotion: June 18th at 10 am

  • K-5 Field Day: June 19th

Honoring Excellence

Teacher and Student of the Month Awards

We are thrilled to celebrate the exceptional dedication and accomplishments of our Teacher and Student of the Month. Their unwavering commitment to the "Exalt Way"—embracing the journey to greatness with perseverance and resilience—inspires us all.

Teacher of the Month: Schwanna Hines


Ms. Hines stands out for her remarkable dedication to fostering an environment of excellence and growth. Her innovative teaching methods and relentless pursuit of success for every student embody the essence of the Exalt Way.

Student of the Month: Faith M.


Faith M. exemplifies outstanding student leadership and academic excellence. Her ability to consistently surpass expectations, while uplifting those around her, captures the spirit of doing whatever it takes to be great and to "keep falling forward."


Join us in congratulating Schwanna Hines and Faith M. on their well-deserved recognition. Their contributions not only enhance our learning environment but also set a sterling example for the entire community.

Learning Experiences

The week of March 4th marked an unforgettable adventure for our second-grade explorers. Immersed in the spirit of the western frontier, they embarked on a journey through time and innovation, highlighted by a captivating culminating activity and an enlightening field trip to the Museum of Discovery.


Western Frontier Culmination


Our young pioneers delved into the rich tapestry of the western frontier with an array of activities designed to spark imagination and creativity. They set up campfires, donned costumes that echoed the era, and engaged in art projects that brought history to life. This hands-on experience provided them with a unique opportunity to connect with the past, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the pioneer spirit.


A Day at the Museum of Discovery


The Museum of Discovery offered a window into the wonders of science and the natural world. Our second graders turned into young scientists as they explored animal adaptations, marveling at the diversity of life and the ingenuity of survival strategies. The world of engineering opened up before their eyes, inspiring them with the principles and potential of human invention. The highlight? Witnessing their teachers partake in a dramatic demonstration of science in action, with mouths smoking from eating Cheetos dipped in liquid nitrogen—a vivid reminder that science is not only enlightening but also exhilarating.

This memorable week was more than just educational; it was a journey of imagination, discovery, and fun that our second graders will cherish. It stands as a testament to the power of hands-on learning and the enduring impact of exploring the world in vibrant, innovative ways.

A Message from the Leaders

A Year of Growth and Learning: Preparing for the NWEA


Throughout this year, our dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students have embarked on an inspiring journey of discovery and learning. Together, they have delved into the realms of reading, mathematics, science, history, art, and beyond, demonstrating remarkable dedication and progress. As we approach the culmination of this academic year, the end-of-year NWEA assessments are just two weeks away, marking a significant milestone in our educational journey.


Maximizing Potential: Incentives for Success


To support our students in achieving their best on the NWEA, we are excited to introduce weekly incentives. Students can earn these rewards by diligently completing their Reading and Math logs and maintaining perfect attendance. It's crucial to remember the significance of consistent participation: learning is most effective when students are actively engaged and present. The foundation built in grades K-2 is especially critical, as it lays the groundwork for future academic success. Every day missed is a missed opportunity for learning, potentially leading to stress upon return and setbacks in educational progress.


The Importance of Attendance: Missing Out Means Missing Much


Beyond the impact on foundational skills, absences mean students miss out on vibrant field experiences and explorations into fascinating topics like the Ancient Mayans, farms, space, insects, the human body, and Ancient Greeks. These experiences enrich the curriculum and ignite curiosity and passion for learning.


We cherish every day we spend with your children, valuing each moment of learning and discovery. Your partnership and trust in us to provide an enriching educational experience for your child are profoundly appreciated. Together, let's ensure that our students end the year on a high note, fully prepared and excited for the adventures that lie ahead in their academic journeys.

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