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Exalt Academy of Southwest Little Rock enables students to realize their greatest potential, prepare for competitive colleges and advanced careers, and emerge as tomorrow’s leaders.  To accomplish these goals, Exalt Education employs an academic design that is based on eight core principles.  These principles ensure that students gain a broad foundation of knowledge and skills in a variety of instructional mediums where they are challenged to learn and empowered to take ownership over their future.

Exalt Education has chosen these design principles because they provide our schools with a proven formula for serving students in high-need communities across the country.  The continuous integration and application of our design principles is what makes the Exalt Education network so unique and what enables our academies to achieve and sustain excellence.

2023-2024 School Calendar 

School Calendar

Academic Design

Learn about Exalt Academy's Eight Academic Design Principles by clicking below. 

Key Success Factors

Click below to see some of Exalt Academy's Key Success Factors.

Daily Schedule

Click below to find Exalt Academy's daily schedule. 

Positive Behavior Plan

Click below to find Exalt Academy's school-wide Positive Behavior Plan.

Volaré Program

Click below to find out more about Exalt Academy's Volaré Program for our Talented and Gifted students.

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