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¡Volaré aún más alto! I will fly even higher!

Exalt Academy's Middle School Chess Team, 1A-3A Regional Champions

Checkmate! The Exalt Academy Middle School Chess Team competed this weekend in North Little Rock for the Regional Championships. After a lot of hard work and strategic and tactical thinking, we brought back a trophy! That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The Eagles are the 1A-3A Regional Champions! 

As a special note, Guillermo Matias went on to become the only junior high player in the entire tournament to make it through his matches undefeated. His score was 5-0 for the series. From this point forward, he has the distinction of being Exalt Academy's first Honorary Chess Grandmaster!


If you see the Junior High Chess Team (Guillermo Matias, Andy Velasquez, Genesis Saldana, Oliver Reyes, Danny Ramirez, and Daniel Ramirez), please congratulate them on their hard work. 

Volaré Program

for Talented and Gifted Students

Exalt Academy's Volaré Program is designed for advanced students whose gifts and talents require changes to the curriculum to allow them to continue growing.

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Volaré 6th Grade

By studying abstract strategy games, like Abalone, students are extending their strategic and tactical thinking, learning the game-design process, practicing graphic design skills, and learning the history of various strategy games!

Volaré 7th Grade

Students study filmmaking and photography to learn to produce documentaries and videos. With these twenty-first century skills, students will have more presentation options for other course work, like National History Day.

Advisory Committee

The Volaré Program is looking for parents and other community members to take part in the program's Advisory Committee. Are you interested in helping steer the direction of the Volaré Program? Please click below to apply!

Volaré Program Faculty

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